Saving Water Leads to Better Stewardship of Creation and Resources


From time to time Massanetta has had water leaks.  And since we have lots of natural springs it’s not always easy to determine if it’s a water pipe issue or Mother Nature.

When our December water bill was over $6,600 (typical bill for the period is about $3000) we were confident we had a problem, a BIG problem. During December we have no guests so our water usage should have been minimal.   We contracted work to be done and the old pipes were replaced at a cost of $28,000. This really was a long overdue project.

Our average (12 month) water bill in 2016 pre-repairs was $5700; for 2017 average was $4700. Post repair average for 2018 (5 months) is $2600. We have yet to go through the busy summer conference season so the average will climb. From the simple average it’s evident the $28,000 was well spent and we’ll see a return on the investment in roughly a year (based on the current averages).

Thanks to our generous donor base that supported this major repair we can grow our ministry because we now can divert those water bill monies to ministry. We love our donors who generously give to maintain this special place for so many.