Striving to be a place for all people


Massanetta takes pride in being a place for ALL PEOPLE.  Among other things, this means being as welcoming to people with mobility challenges as possible. While having historic facilities presents its share of challenges, we are always looking to improve our ability to serve our guests. We’ve noticed that walkways that have led so many to life-changing gatherings have began to wear, and doors that opened to new experiences may present obstacles for some. We have strived to eliminate these challenges as to ensure all feel welcome.

We are pleased to update you about recent improvements to our campus.  The terrain of the walkway leading from the main parking lot to the Historic Hotel had become uneven making wheelchair/walker/scooter passage difficult.. That asphalt path has been replaced with a new, level, concrete sidewalk that welcomes you in a true Massanetta fashion.  We are very grateful to Clemmons Presbyterian Church whose gift made this improvement possible.

Over the past several months, we have also installed two new automatic doors. One leads into the Historic Hotel.  Whether you arrive via the new sidewalk from the parking lot or from the handicap ramp located behind the hotel, you arrive at a push button automatic door which will grant you entry into the hub of Massanetta activity where you are first welcomed, enjoy delicious meals, or relax by a roaring fire.

The second automatic door was placed going into the rear entrance of Stewart/Calvin Halls. You can arrive at this automatic door via the sidewalk put completed in 2017.  Coming into this facility allow you to enter the building with no need to negotiate any stairs. It also lets you enter into a hallway, where you have access to Steward, Calvin, or the restrooms without any need to interrupt a meeting if it is already in progress.

Our hopes are that these improvements allow everyone to experience Massanetta. We will continue to make improvements to our beautiful campus to ensure everyone is embraced with the same hospitality.