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Annual Giving


Annual Giving

Many non-profits have a financial model which requires them to raise 100% of their annual funding through gifts and grants.  Massanetta Springs is blessed to cover approximately 80% of our ministry expenses through revenues generated through conferences, rentals, etc.  Another 3-5% comes from earned income on our endowment and investments. This means approximately 17% of our annual budget relies on the generosity of individuals, congregations, and others who participate in our ministry through their financial generosity.  Every gift of every size matters. Your gift matters.

types of gifts

You may make a one time gift or a recurring gift (monthly, quarterly, etc.) through our secure online donation platform on this website. If you prefer not to give online, you may download a giving slip and make a one time gift (or a pledge, paid over a longer period of time) through the mail.

We are also able to accept gifts of stock and appreciated securities, real estate, and other forms of assets. Please be in touch with Executive Director, Rev. Clayton Rascoe, if you would like to give in one of these ways.

The Societies

In 1996, Massanetta Springs organized three giving societies to provide sustaining funds for the operational needs on an annual basis. Those who give gifts of $1,000-$2,499 each year to the Annual Fund are members of the Heritage Society. Those contributing $2,500-$4,999 are members of the Campbell Society. And those contributing $5,000 or more annually are members of the Hudson Society.

If you need assistance call us at 540-434-3829.

Covenant Churches

Covenant Churches help Massanetta's ministry thrive through generous financial support.  A church giving any amount to Massanetta becomes a Covenant Church.  For churches looking for a giving recommendation, we ask churches with 200+ members to give $500 or more.  For churches with less than 200 members, we suggest $250 or more.  All Covenant Churches are recognized on a plaque in Historic Hotel Lobby.  You may also see a list of current Covenant Churches by clicking here.

planned giving


Planned Giving

Planned gifts can be made now to immediately support Massanetta’s needs, or they can be arranged to occur upon your death as a final way to leave your legacy.  Consider the options below:

Gifts by will or revocable living trust

Known as a bequest, this form of giving is accomplished by working with your attorney to include a few simple sentences, called bequest language, in your will or living trust. Through a new will, a codicil, or amendment modifying your old documents—you can address changes in your life and leave a legacy gift supporting Massanetta’s ministry into the future.

Gifts of real estate

Using real estate is a great way to benefit Massanetta and perhaps enjoy tax advantages. You may also avoid significant capital gains tax. You also receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the property. You may transfer property to Massanetta during your lifetime, or leave the real estate to Massanetta in your will.


Gifts of life insurance & retirement plan assets

You can make Massanetta Springs the owner and/or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. By naming Massanetta Springs as the primary beneficiary on the beneficiary designation form for a percentage (1% to 100%) of your retirement plan’s final value, you can make a tax-wise gift to support our ministry after your lifetime.

Gifts of stock & appreciated securities

Perhaps you have marketable securities that have grown substantially in value. Giving the appreciated securities to Massanetta Springs results in a tax exemption on the gain. You receive a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of your gift.


Gifts that provide you with income for life

Through a life income gift, you make a gift and in return you and, if you desire, someone else receive income for life. After your lifetime and that of the other person you choose, the remaining balance of your gift supports Massanetta’s mission of providing a place where all can experience the grace and hospitality of Christ.


Massanetta Springs recommends that you talk with your own attorney, accountant, or other financial advisor.




Giving to the Massanetta Endowment is a great way to give a gift that will benefit our ministry for decades to come. The fund is currently in excess of $800,000. The principal is set up to not be invaded but the interest is received annually for the operating expenses of the center.

A Named Endowment program was started where an individual or family can establish an endowment, the corpus of which goes into the main Endowment Fund. A pledge or gift of $5,000 can establish an endowment to which funds can be contributed for years.  Named Endowments are recognized on a sign in the Historic Hotel, and you may also view a list of them here.


Gifts In-Kind

In-Kind Gifts 

Gifts-in-kind are items that are given to meet a particular need.  For instance, Massanetta is often in need of vehicles to be used by staff (particularly light duty trucks).  A donation of a truck in good condition would be considered an “in-kind” gift.


If you have an idea for an in-kind gift, please be in touch with Executive Director, Rev. Clayton Rascoe, to discuss if your donations meets up with the center’s current needs.


Restricted giving

Restricted Giving

Though unrestricted gifts allows funds to the be directed to the most pressing needs, some donors prefer to choose to give to particular project. When a donor “restricts” a gift, it will only be used for the purpose sited.  Massanetta Springs’ Executive Director, Rev. Clayton Rascoe, will be happy to visit with you about a restricted gift you have in mind, or to suggest a project to restrict funds to which meets up with both the size of the donation, and your own passion for our ministry.

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Through the generosity of individuals and churches, the ministry of Massanetta Springs continues.


Contact us with any questions about donations or giving opportunities.