Become a Covenant Church and Make a Difference!


Massanetta Springs has concluded another transformative summer of ministry. As we reflect on our summer, and prepare for our fall hospitality and retreat season we wanted to do two things. First, we wanted to thank the congregations for that participated in Massanetta Springs’ ministry in 2019. It is because of your participation that our conferences, retreats, and hospitality ministry remains vibrant.

Secondly, we know that the fall is a time where churches are often deciding how to be good stewards of their mission giving for 2018 and to plan for 2019. As your committees, sessions, and congregations support causes and ministries, I invite you to become a Massanetta Springs Covenant Church. Covenant Churches support Massanetta Springs financially on an annual basis. The enclosed brochure tells you how to become a covenant church, and gives some suggested giving guidelines. The process for becoming a covenant church is easy, so rather than take up more space in this letter with the logistics of becoming a Covenant Church, I want to explain why your church would want to support our ministry.

Covenant Churches welcome the stranger. For the past several years we have partnered with Church World Services’ Refugee Resettlement Program. Harrisonburg and Rockingham County has a long history of welcoming refugees. Often individuals and families need a temporary place to stay until their permanent housing is secured. In our slower seasons, we are honored to provide space to refugees from all over the world as they begin a new life in the United States.

Covenant Churches develop the future leaders of the PC(USA). For example, in 2019 young adults spent a summer with us gaining valuable work and Christian Leadership experience through our internship and counseling positions.

Covenant Churches enrich current PC(USA) Leaders. For many years now, because of the generosity of others, we have provided an Easter Respite for church workers. During the week after Easter, we provide Sabbath and hospitality for the pastors and other staff who have worked so hard guiding God’s people through Lent and Holy Week. This opportunity allows them to recharge their batteries and return to their congregations prepared for the next season.

Covenant Churches develop exciting programs for the larger church. In 2019 we launched, “Netta Day Camp.” This six week program for children ages 6 - 12 brought summer camping back to Massanetta for the first time in over a decade, and provided an avenue for ministry in our local community.


We could go on and on about the good work Covenant Churches and its benefit to the larger church. However, there may be a better way to understand the importance of our ministry. Simply talk to those in your congregation who have experienced it. Speak with your youth advisers about the quality of our programs, and the difference it makes in your church’s youth ministry. Talk with your youth. Speak with members who bring generations of their family to Church Music Conference or Bible Conference. Talk to those who came to Massanetta on your church retreat, and ask them about the quality of our Christian hospitality, and the beauty of this little corner of God’s creation. Talk with any of the people listed below who have experienced our ministry in the last three years and we believe you’ll find supporting our ministry is also supporting the health and vitality of your own congregation.

Becoming a Covenant Church is a form of generosity for your congregation. If your session, mission committee, or another body within your church desires a visit or phone call to discuss your support of Massanetta, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lastly, thank you for taking time, and prayerfully consider our Covenant Church request. We look forward to hearing from you, and continuing to strengthen the ministry of the larger church and of your congregation for years to come.