The Hype about Being an Enabler

Apply to be an Enabler!

Calling all high schoolers who have completed 10th-12th grade, would you like to be an Enabler this summer 2019? Enabler applications are due January 14! What’s an Enabler you ask? It’s sort of a funny name, but there is a reason for it. Enablers are high school students who play critical leadership roles at Massanetta Springs’ Middle School Conference. They are THE small group leaders. They also help to lead keynotes, music, energizers, recreation events, and so much more. Through all this, they “enable” middle schoolers to experience and form a personal relationship with God. They “enable” them to ask questions and to explore their faith. Being closer in age, our Enablers are able to connect with the middlers in a special way. It is a hugely impactful experience for both parties.  

But don’t just take our word for it, take a moment to read these two testimonials from two of last summer’s Enablers. We hope their words inspire you and encourage you to either apply for or reach out to others you know who should apply for this incredible leadership program.


“Hey y’all!! My name is Ella Coxe, and I am currently a junior from Wilmington, NC which is right by the beach! Massanetta has such a huge place in my heart, I fell in love with it in 2014 as a middler and fell in love with it even more as an enabler last year. I can’t put my Massanetta experience into words. I spent those two weeks during July surrounded by some of the most genuine and loving people I could have wished for. The enablers quickly became my brothers and sisters. When I met my middlers, I never knew how much I could impact them or how they could impact me. I had the sweetest and energetic middlers, who were always up for a run-around game, or for a serious conversation about keynote. On my last vespers, I had 3 girls who were so heartbroken about leaving, they were crying so hard. At the end of the night, all 3 of them told me that I helped them find a piece of themselves and faith, and that I inspired them to try to be an enabler in the future. [One of them] told me she now knew what it felt like to be a child of God. Hearing those words changed my life. I knew that God called me to Massanetta for a reason.

Throughout my two weeks as an enabler, I truly felt God’s presence. Whether it was during a vespers session, or at the spring alone, or surrounded by 300 jumping, singing, middle schoolers, I knew I had to trust God’s plan, and he brought me to the right place. Being an enabler has transformed me entirely. I found a piece of myself throughout the experience and I have learned so much about myself. I can’t begin to express the love that I have for this enabler program and how deeply it has impacted me.”


“I’m Reed Frellick, I was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s actually kind of hard to explain how I’ve been transformed since becoming an enabler. The way I described it to people immediately after the MSC was that it changed my perspective on so many aspects of my life, in particular the way I looked at love and my faith. The 21 other enablers who I lived and led with have become my best friends and closest kind of family I’ve ever had, and the support system we all give each other has lifted me through all the tough moments since Netta in a way only God could have created. This new family has really given me such a better outlook on life. I love all of these people so much, and I am thankful everyday that we were all brought together at Netta.

As I went through the conferences, I felt God walking alongside me every step of the way. I felt God’s presence while leading. I came in having done plenty of leadership work with middlers, but whether it was delivering the theme in keynotes or leading my small group in discussion, I felt so much more confident and empowered in my abilities than I ever have, and while a lot of that comes from the overwhelmingly positive and supportive environment that Massanetta is, I do believe that all is lifted up to each individual by God. Massanetta is where I have felt closest to God since middle school, and particularly after this last summer it is the best place for me to look back and remember experiencing God’s amazing presence in my life.

As an enabler, I think I realized my purpose for being in the church. I still couldn’t sit down and tell you all that I believe or don’t or really pin down all of my theological differences, but I know that my faith and the church has been an engine for me to serve and do good for others. Netta is my favorite example of this, because I was able to use my talents and abilities to guide middlers in understanding their faith a little bit better like past enablers did for me, and I wish to continue to serve others through my faith at Netta next summer and beyond.”

We are truly blessed to have stellar Enablers like Ella and Reed, who are genuine witnesses to God’s love both here at Massanetta and in their home communities. We cannot wait to see who will join us next summer!

Download the application here. Returning Enablers should download this application. Completed applications must be emailed to Hannah Altman, Director of Programs, at

If you have any questions, please call the office at 540-434-3829 or email Hannah.