Help Us Fan The Future!

Massanetta Springs’ mission is to provide a place for all people to experience God through renewal, discovery, and hospitality.  Last year, through the generosity of so many, we were able to fully fund the new playground. Our youngest guests have a wonderful new space because of it.  Thank you to all the folks involved. This year’s Great Community Give Day is April 17th, and we’ve dreamed big to launch our “Fanning The Future Fundraiser.”

We are raising money for three things:

  1. Two industrial sized fans for the front of Hudson Auditorium.  If you’ve ever sat in Hudson on a hot summer day, you know what comfort they will bring.  But they’ll do more than just circulate air. When people are more comfortable, they’re less distracted, and more able to focus on things like worship and keynote.  By installing the fans, we’re helping our ministry be more effective.

  2. New Sound Equipment.  Our current system has served us well for many years, but parts need to be retired, and our sound needs have grown.  This is crucial to our summer ministry. Afterall, how can you take part in transformative ministry if you can’t hear what’s going on?

  3. Support for the 2019 Middle School, Bible, and Church Music Conferences.  One of our constant challenges is providing life-changing ministry while keeping our fees modest.  All funds raised over and above what we need for the fans and the sound equipment will support the conferences that form the core of our ministry offerings.

The total fundraising goal for this year is $28,500, and there are already some people who have jumped in to help us get there.  The fans will cost $16,000, and a generous couple has come forward to challenge us to meet that goal by agreeing to match the first $8,000 donated.  In addition, the Friends of Massanetta agreed to sponsor $1,000 in matching funds towards the sound equipment which we estimate will cost $2,500. The combined cost of our first two goals is $18,500.  However, with matching funds, we only need to raise $9,500 for them to be fully funded!

We also have a great opportunity to raise additional funds through the Great Community Give Leaderboards.  Last year, 272 individual donors placed us second on the GCG Leaderboard which meant the Community Foundation provided us with an additional $6,000.  Our goal this year is to have at least 400 individual donors. Every gift of $10 or more counts toward that total, so you can see every gift of every size will be very important on April 17th.

To take advantage of the matching gift:

  • Your gift must be given on April 17th between 6:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

  • Your gift must come through the Great Community Give online giving platform.  We will post that link on Facebook, Instagram, and email early on the morning of April 17th.  We will also have a link from the homepage of

If your congregation would like to help, here are some resources you can use:

Media Packet (PDF version) - This has pre-written bulletin, email blast, and newsletter article exerpts for you to use.

Media Packet (Word version - Same as above, just Word format.

Church Anouncement - If you want to do a Minute for Mission, here is some suggested text to use.

Bulletin Insert 8.5 x 11 Master

Bulletin Insert 11 x 17 Master